School Taxes

It is September, the school buses are in the neighborhood, and you should have received your school tax bill. 2018-2019 School Tax bills were recently mailed on August 31, 2019 to individuals and lending institutions.

If you are primarily responsible for your taxes the school tax bill will be mailed to you directly. This means if your taxes are not held in an escrow account, or if you no longer have a mortgage, you are responsible for paying the taxes.

If you did not receive a tax bill in early September, or if you have any questions concerning your tax bill, please contact our office at 872-7056. If your original bill is lost or not received, you may contact the Tax Department and a bill can be emailed or sent to you. You can also access your tax bill on line at Click on view/pay taxes on the right side of the Monroe County website screen. It is important to act promptly to avoid penalties. Please Note: Under NYS Real Property law, you are responsible for your taxes whether you receive your bill or not.

If your mortgage is held in an escrow account, your lending institution is responsible for payment of your taxes. If you receive the tax bill, be sure to forward it to your lending institution. If there have been any changes in the status of your mortgage, such as a change in your lending institution, transfer or sale of property, you may want to check with the tax office on the status of your account and discuss where your bill should be sent.

If your taxes are held in escrow, and paid to us through your lending institution, you will be receiving a receipt which will give you information regarding your taxes under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. The taxpayer information is mandated and paid for by the New York State School Tax Relief Program (STAR).

Payment Information

? Payments can be received in the Town Clerk’s Office Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

? Cash and Checks are the only forms of payment for taxes accepted in the Town Clerk’s Office.

? You may use the after-hours drop box conveniently located in the vestibule of the Ridge Road entrance to the Town Hall. Your envelope must be sealed and include a check payable to "Barbara J. Ottenschot, Receiver of Taxes", your daytime phone number, and tax payment stub or copy of the bill. (If you do not have the bill, but have verified the amount, please include the property address and/or tax ID number on your check)

? Credit Cards or I-Checks can be made on line only to the Monroe County Treasurer at From the home page, select “view/pay taxes on line” and follow the prompts. There are additional charges incurred when paying with a charge card or payment via the internet.

? Whether or not you pay your tax bill in person at the Town Tax Office or by mail, if you wish to receive a receipt, you must bring or mail the entire bill, including all payment stubs. This enables us to properly receipt it for you for prompt verification of payment.

? Any payment by check that is returned for insufficient funds will incur a $20.00 insufficient check fee and possibly interest penalties.

Full Payments

? Full payments can be made until Monday October 1st without additional interest. Also, full payments by check only can be made at the Webster M&T Branch, 935 Hard Road during the interest free period September 1st through October 1st.

? From October 1st through October 31st there is an additional 2% added to the total due.

? After October 31st no payments can no longer be taken at the Town Hall, and must be sent to the Monroe County Treasurer, PO Box 14420, Rochester, NY 14614 or pay in person at 39 West Main Street Room B-2, Rochester.


Installment Payments

? Payments for the 1st installment are due Monday, September 17th. Between September 17 and September 20 add 1%to the installment amount due.

? If the first installment is not paid by September 20, the installment plan is no longer available and the full amount of the tax bill must be paid.

? The 2nd and 3rd Installments of school tax bills are payable to Monroe County Treasurer P.O. Box 14420, Rochester, NY 14614.

? Further information about service and interest charges and where to send or bring your school tax payment are included on your bill.